LPub3D (10 09 2019 03:15:35)

LPub3D version 2.3.13 adds several key enhancements, for example the.
ability to centre justify step group steps 333 and the ability to
specify pixel density ratio PDF and image output 304. Additionally,
page item bring to front and send to back 244 is baselined.
Follow the links in the list below to review additional details for
enhancements, changes, and fixes deployed in this release.

Features, enhancements, fixes and changes

Enhancement - Add option to centre justify step group steps #333
Enhancement - Add pixel ratio setting to PDF, PNG, JPG and BMP exports #304
Enhancement - Add pointer grabber toggle off on 2nd pointer click #315
Enhancement - Add dialogue for additional renderer arguments #332
Enhancement - Add submodel instance count manual override #298
Enhancement - Bricklink XML config ignored, some tags missing #282
Enhancement - Expanded submodel instance consolidation #297
Enhancement - Native renderer save step image #327
Enhancement - Update and redraw save file to disk #336
Enhancement - Update Windows portable version from UI #324
Feature - Page items bring to front and send to back - first pass #244
Change - Abnormal image size when using Native renderer #323
Change - Abnormal pointer generation if no submodel file extension #326
Change - BOM annotation rectangle size setting seems to have no effect #293
Change - Callout divider messing with instance count margins #309
Change - Divider CUSTOM_LENGTH meta command not parsed for multi-step called out divider #340
Change - Fonts in generated instruction depend on system DPI setting #292
Change - Manually move rotate icon on multi-step page #300
Change - Missing api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll #296
Change - Refactor search dialogue and set focus to text field #295
Change - Submodel is displayed again on step 2 #334
Fix - Append page before a submodel, appends the page in the wrong location #330
Fix - Assembly margins setting works strangely #311
Fix - Custom arrow parts and missing PLI END #301
Fix - Default colour reset to highlight or fade colour #325
Fix - Do not show step nunber ignored on single step page #322
Fix - Drag PLI and CSI not working properly on single step page #302
Fix - Fade Previous Steps doesn't work in global mode #310
Fix - LDraw archive library update fail #305
Fix - Final model added to BOM page #328
Fix - No divider in callout #306
Fix - Placement of page attributes #307
Fix - PLI placement is invalid, when SHOW_STEP_NUMBER is FALSE #335
Fix - Resize handle on Parts List (PLI) has gone #339
Fix - Segfault in substitute part dialog #294
Fix - Strange behavior when resizing cover image #329
Fix - Submodel instance count not shown when Callout between instances #321
Fix - Submodel steps same as occurrence when consolidate enabled #291

LPub3D (20 06 2019 04:52:55)

LPub3D version 2.3.12 is focused on completing and stabilizing the new enhancements
deployed over the past three releases. Notable implementations include fully automated
addition, removal and update of substitute parts from the PLI context menu. There is
now an LDraw load message dialogue and the fully enabled support for LDCad generated
parts. The MPD file format support has been enhanced to accommodate external files which
benefit from the improved search directories for subfile references. Lastly, several
improvements to the PLI and CSI render exception handling improves the user experience
by minimizing the incidence of abnormal application termination. Follow the links in the
list below to review additional details for enhancements, changes, and fixes deployed
in this release.

Features, enhancements, fixes and changes

Enhancement - Add Bricklink alternate numbers to ld2blcodesxref.lst #283
Enhancement - Add LDraw model file load messages dialogue #275
Enhancement - Add STRETCH option to cover image #288
Enhancement - Load LDCad generated flex parts that use LDraw subparts #272
Enhancement - Rubber part colors are not supported in export #290
Enhancement - Sub-model in separate file not being included #279
Feature - Add substitute part from context menu #280
Change - Bricklink XML config ignored, some tags missing #282
Change - Bricklink XML export save path should be next to the file #287
Change - Callout POINTER_ATTRIBUTE LINE id is not verified #284
Change - Refactor updater routine and add redirect accept prompt #266
Change - Part annotation placement wrong #267
Change - Update pointer base on drag (#268) #269
Change - Native render fails with camera FOV command #270
Change - Remove preview submodel from callout #271
Fix - Broken Windows uninstaller - Revert NsisMultiUser script update #261
Fix - Multiple page BOM sorting is scrambled #262
Fix - Consolidate instance count flag ignored when unchecked #264
Fix - Continuous step numbers cause multiple problems with submodels #263
Fix - Custom parts are not included in HTML export #286
Fix - No Submodel preview with LDView "single call" option #265
Fix - Wrong meta command on multi-step page #276
Fix - Windows installer typo "Dektop Icon" #277
Fix - HTML export uses Native renderer image naming convention #278

LPub3D (17 05 2019 06:56:55)

LPub3D version 2.3.11 brings several user interface enhancements and continued
behaviour corrections. Notable enhancements start with the ability to move PLI/BOM
part groups to any scene position. There is now the ability to configure scene guides,
scene ruler, scene step grid settings. These capabilities improve the ability to move
items around with high precision. Additionally, snap-to-grid - with the ability to hide
the page background for improved usability - and sliders for both page and 3DViewer zoom
has been added. Notable corrections include step number starting from zero in some cases,
CSI assembly overlap of the PLI, XML and CSV exports, and assembled callout rotation
incorrectly saved DPI, and incorrect annotation style font behaviour. Follow the links
in the list below to review additional details for enhancements, changes, and fixes
deployed in this release.

Features, enhancements, fixes and changes

Enhancement - Add page zoom slider #253
Enhancement - Add scene guides dash and solid line flags #254
Enhancement - Edit window toggle line comment #256
Enhancement - Edit window word completer #255
Enhancement - Extend PLI/BOM sorting options #257
Enhancement - Installation impossible if uninstallation is impossible #240
Enhancement - Snap to grid while moving page item #252
New feature [WIP] - Add bring-to-front and send-to-back for page items #244
New feature - Movable PLI/BOM part groups #260
Change - Assembly overlaps the PLI #243
Change - Separate fixed annotation and annotation style options #250
Fix - DPI incorrectly saved as DPC #247
Fix - Export Bricklink XML and CSV part list not working #258
Fix - Parts List Annotation Styles font can't be edited separately #246
Fix - Shortcut to open and close documents are the same #259
Fix - Step Group Setup -> Divider tab has no ok/cancel buttons #249
Fix - Step number counted from zero #245
Fix - Submodel callout does not rotate as the parent image #251

LPub3D (23 04 2019 12:23:00)

LPub3D version 2.3.10 Adds enhancements to the HTML part list report enabling
additional part lookup sites. Additionally, the page formatting and item placement
routines have been updated to accommodate additional placement permutations.
This release also address fixes for HTML part list sorting and CSI margins
applied to PLI. Follow the links in the list below to review additional
details for enhancements, changes, and fixes deployed in this release.

Features, enhancements, fixes and changes

Enhancement - Add Rebrickable.com and Brickset.com to HTML Part List lookup sites #239
Enhancement - Default placement selector for PLI #242
Enhancement - Default placement selector for Display Submodel #237
Enhancement - Enable PLI movable when no step number is displayed#241
Enhancement - Make display submodel instance count optional #236
Fix - HTML Part List sort function broken #235
Fix - CSI margins applied to PLI #238

LPub3D (18 04 2019 02:58:18) Release Notes

LPub3D version 2.3.9 enhances the HTML part list generation adding LPub3D part images
and multi-level sorting. Over seventy parts were added to the Pli.ldr parts orientation
parameter file. There is now an option to Highlight the first step of a model file when
Highlight Current Step is enabled. To start highlighting from the second step remains the
default behaviour. Rounding out the enhancements is the automatic sizing and alignment of
fixed shape annotations fonts. Follow the links in the list below to review additional
details for enhancements, changes, and fixes deployed in this release.

Features, enhancements, fixes and changes

Enhancement - Automatically size and align fixed style annotation font #229
Enhancement - Highlight first step #234
Enhancement - Update PLI orientation parameter file - pli.mpd #228
Enhancement - Set HTML Part List to use PLI part images and add sorting #226
Change - Update Submodel and PLI page format placement routine #227
Fix - Annotation styles stop working after export LEGOAnnotationStyle.lst #230
Fix - Crash when changing font/color of Annotation Style #224
Fix - Remove 'file changed' prompt on LDraw editor update action #233
Fix - Toggling logging in preferences with GUI #223

LPub3D (08 04 2019 04:49:29) Release Notes

LPub3D version 2.3.8 addresses blocker fixes for HTML part list generation and feature
changes for PLI,CSI and BOM part annotations. Two new enhancement enable editing
the loaded model file in a floating window where all the file's content is displayed
in a 'flat' context but it is still possible to go to any submodels defined in the
loaded model file. Full find and replace functionality is also introduced for model
and parameter file editors. Lastly, GHOST parts are now properly treated by the
Native renderer and when Fade Previous Steps or Highlight Current Step is On.

Features, enhancements, fixes and changes

Change - Refactor annotations, add 'Fixed' annotation type #222
Change - Update online user manual URL #219
Enhancement - Edit model file #217
Enhancement - Add find and replace to editors #216
Fix - Assembly Global Setup Ok and Cancel buttons hidden #218
Fix - Generated HTML snapshot shows wrong model image #215
Fix - GHOST meta command skipped for native render, fade and highlight #212
Fix - HTML Part list error: Could not load command line file #220
Regression - Default PLI/BOM annotation always on #213

LPub3D (27 03 2019 01:19:52) Release Notes

LPub3D version 2.3.7 adds ten enhancements and corrects over fifteen tickets.
Interesting enhancements include the Range Divider, PLI, CSI and BOM annotation formatting,
POV-Ray Render dialogue, Continuous Submodel Step Numbering and Load Last Opened File.
Eight new Native Export options are now available. List export options include HTML, BrickLink XML
and CSV part list files. Object export options include Wavefront, Stereo Lithography (STL),
POV-Ray Scenes, COLLADA and 3D Studio (3DS) object files. The HTML Part List export provides
the option to export BrickLink or LEGO part element identification. Follow the link list below to
review full details on these plus version 2.3.7's additional changes, enhancements, and fixes.

Features, enhancements, fixes and changes

Change - Convert LDView Seams to decimal in Preferences UI #197
Change - Legacy LPub meta VIEW_ANGLE not supported #192
Change - Move LDView AutoCrop to INI file #180
Change - Only one single submodel picture is shown cross all submodels #208
Change - Source RegExp pattern from parameter file first #155
Change - Update Windows x86 and x86_64 Qt to MSVC 2015 v5.11.3 #199
Enhancement - Add POV-Ray render quality to global preferences #209
Enhancement - Add Preference setting to load last opened file #206
Enhancement - Add range divider - divide steps in a range #185
Enhancement - Add render POV-Ray generated images #207
Enhancement - Continuous step numbers for Submodels and unassembled Callouts #179
Enhancement - Extend native export - Enable HTML Part List #196
Enhancement - Extend native export - Enable STL, POV, DAE and 3DS export #195
Enhancement - Extend native export #188
Enhancement - Pretty CSI annotation #187
Enhancement - Pretty PLI/BOM annotation #186
Enhancement - Range divider resize #193
Enhancement - Tailor next steps displayed for Add Next Steps to multistep group #210
Fix - 3DViewer ROTSTEP applied to wrong step on multistep page #174
Fix - Colour parts not loaded when launching from command console #202
Fix - Display submodel rotated locally and by renderer #201
Fix - Divider base ordinate point unset when tip dragged #190
Fix - Divider pointer drag not working in some cases #189
Fix - LDView renderer using Native camera settings #200
Fix - macOS Library check error; xdpyinfo: command not found #191
Fix - Native renderer shows wrong absolute (ABS) rotation transform angles #203
Fix - Part file not found when using fade previous steps #182
Fix - Pointer helper part not rendered or displaying in Viewer #204
Fix - POV lights not set from Preferences UI #198
Fix - POV file generation settings disabled when renderer set to POVRay #194
Fix - Submodel Rotation does not trigger image redraw #173
Fix - Undo after an 'add next steps' only removes the MULTI_STEP BEGIN #184
Fix - Wrong highlighting parts in steps with Buffer Exchange #181
Regression - Refresh LDraw parts not updating archive libraries #205
Regression - Windows installer README screen show HTML code #177

LPub3D (19 12 2018 00:06:36) Release Notes

LPub3D version 2.3.6 corrects broken pointer functionality, adds
pointer context menu options to reset LINE and BORDER attributes to
default settings and enables the functionality to inherit the colour
from the pointer's parent - e.g Page, Callout, Divider.

Features, enhancements, fixes and changes

Enhancement - Refactor multi-segment page, divider and callout pointers
Fix - Command to change pointer attributes broken #171

LPub3D (17 12 2018 07:06:09) Release Notes

LPub3D version 2.3.5 is a small update to correct recently reported issues
and refactor the macOS automatic library check. Cheers.

Features, enhancements, fixes and changes

Enhancement - Refactor automatic macOS library checks #57
Enhancement - Refactor text entry, support escape character '\' #170
Fix - Using Centimeters as default units distorts pointer arrow #169
Fix - Wrong CALLOUT placement when it is inside a MULTI_STEP page #168
Fix - Wrong label for changing assembly margins from context menu #167

LPub3D (10 12 2018 21:33:15) Release Notes

LPub3D version 2.3.4 adds the ability to display a submodel at its first step.
Other notable enhancements include the ability to add a border to page, callout and
divider pointers. LDCad and LeoCAD group metas are now supported. LSynth bendable
synthesis elements are now bundled and can be added via the Preferences dialogue.
The default stack size on Windows has been increased from 1MB to 4MB to better support
large model files. On Linux the default stack size is 8MB. See the list below for
additional changes, enhancements, and fixes.

Features, enhancements, fixes and changes

Change - Disable LDGLite output filename '#' for -mS option #157
Change - Increase default stack size for Windows release builds to 4MB #156
Change - Automate macOS missing/Incompatible library checks #57
Change - Refactor parameter list files regular expressions #155
Enhancement - Add LSynth parts to LPub3D archive #165
Enhancement - Add support for LDCad Group Meta command #149
Enhancement - Add support for LeoCAD Group Meta command #153
Enhancement - Fit view window to document scene #163
Enhancement - Improve multi-segment page, divider and callout pointers #154
Enhancement - Parts in excludedParts.lst are excluded from the PLI #151
New feature - Show submodel image at first step #52
Fix - Add Next Steps nested multistep error #150
Fix - Callout not changing when the color if modified #162
Fix - Export range dialog progress has a small mistake #144
Fix - Group removed inside a callout still visible on the main model #158
Fix - LDGLite.ini options not passed to render #141
Fix - Line comment colours no working properly #142
Fix - Page range dialogue reports false invalid range #143
Fix - Rotate Icon Placement Dialog incorrect "Relative to" options for Step Group #166
Fix - Some instruction settings not updating #164
Fix - Submodel instances count setting not set #148
Fix - Wrong rotation when rotstep REL/END after rotstep ABS in multi-step #160

LPub3D (04 09 2018 06:52:44) Release Notes

LPub3D version 2.3.3 includes a mix of changes, enhancements and fixes.
Notable fixes are #135 that corrects rotated callouts being rendered with
no rotation and #128 when fade previous steps is on, PLI parts are painted
the fade colour if the use global fade colour option is enabled. Significant
enhancements include #132 which automates support for TENTE and VEXIQ LDraw
part libraries. These libraries are bundled with LPub3D so no additional
configuration is needed. #127 adds automatic file encoding management
enabling LPub3D to seamlessly switch between UTF and ANSI encoded content.

Features, enhancements, fixes and changes

Change - Assembly placement wrong in 2.3 #102
Change - General standardization - Correct spelling #116
Change - Move EdgeThickness parameter to LDView ini #129
Change - Page number placed outside page border #139
Change - Renderer INI/.conf files have incorrect initial values #140
Enhancement - Enable support for alternative LDraw libraries #132
Enhancement - Add multiple next steps #136
Enhancement - Improve LDraw Editor highlighting #133
Enhancement - Save output with same encoding as input #127
Enhancement - Set default part lookup category to 'Parts In Use' #121
Fix - Bug: assembled callout has wrong rotation #135
Fix - Delete custom parts cache deletes sibling folders #138
Fix - Global Fade Color does not work correctly #128
Fix - LPub3D LDView Anti-Aliasing settings incomplete #130
Fix - LPub3D-specific LDView settings still don't work #126

LPub3D (05 10 2018 10:18:07) Release Notes

LPub3D version 2.3.2 adds a bit more fixing and stability development.
A few last-minute enhancements and updates that did not make it into
the last release are also included.

Features, enhancements, fixes and changes

Enhancement - Add part categories to 3DViewer Preferences dialogue #121
Enhancement - Change shape of Timeline submodel color icons #124
Fix - Convert submodel to callout gives all kinds of errors #123
Fix - Rotation icon background #122
Update - General standardization - Standard spelling #116

LPub3D (03 10 2018 21:21:33) Release Notes

LPub3D version 2.3.1 is mainly focused on fixing and stabilization as version 2.3.0 included
a significant amount of new features and enhancements. Over 40 tickets were treated and
closed and an even larger number of development updates and tuning were applied.
In this version build, the 3DViewer (LeoCAD) and LPub3D-Trace (POV-Ray) are also updated
to the latest commit at the time of LPub3D build.

Features, enhancements, fixes and changes

Change - Change FOV spin box on LDView Preferences to decimal #97
Change - Do not display renderer commands in status bar - ugly #87
Change - General standardization #116
Change - Meta command IMAGE_ANGLE changed to CAMERA_ANGLES #89
Change - Revert interim fix for LDView on macOS not loading - missing/Incompatible libraries #57
Change - Set LPub3D plug and plug image to read-only #86
Change - Update lcLib to commit 39ff605 #93
Change - Update missing parts message at model file load #84
Change request - Launch Windows command console only when requested #79
Enhancement - Camera FOV and view angles meta commands #88
Enhancement - Enable part selection 3DViewer pane #120
Enhancement - Expose LDView SingleCall SnapshotsList flag in Preferences #109
Enhancement - Make text field panes in re-sizeable dialog windows also re-sizeable #28
Enhancement - Refactor part archive routine #118
Enhancement - Support html in 'Check for Update' MessageBox #106
Enhancement - Timeline piece icons #113
Fix - All-out placement 'relative to ...' dropdown is a bit broken #112
Fix - Applying ROTSTEP causes crash if space in model name
Fix - Automatic call-out arrow placement does not take into account assembly rotation #110
Fix - Automatic save at refresh or clear commands broken #91
Fix - Checking Use alternative Draw LDConfig does not work #103
Fix - Continuous page processing inconsistent #107
Fix - Enable Highlight Current Step does not render a line around all new parts in a step #104
Fix - Export to PDF and select certain page range does not uncheck all pages option bug #105
Fix - Export to pdf dialog is not limited to 1 option #114
Fix - Highlight parts inheriting fade previous step global color #111
Fix - Inserting "Rotate" can cause LPub3D to crash #82
Fix - Inserting "Rotate" from the menu button inserts all zeros #90
Fix - LDView Single Call rendered images not displayed #101
Fix - LPub3D "Ignore ending without ignore begin" message on macOS #80
Fix - LPub3D LDView preferences UI does not update the ini file #98
Fix - Malformed UI form in Dark Mode #99
Fix - Non-zero camera view passed to renderer when ROTSTEP Transform is ABS[OLUTE] #95
Fix - Page navigation gives multiple errors #117
Fix - Parts being generated in Fade color when first displayed #100
Fix - Render CSI for buffer exchange load where no parts added #108
Fix - Rotated Callout parts rotated against default camera view #92
Fix - Some shortcut keys no longer work #94
Fix - Theme change Close button requires multiple clicks to accept #85
Fix - Unnecessary spaces in some settings decimal values #96
HOW TO - Add missing MSVCP140.dll to Windows XP/7/8/ #81
Update - Parts reported not found when Fade Previous Steps is ON #64

LPub3D (04 09 2018 06:52:44) Release Notes

Starting with LPub3D version 2.3.0, the README notes will present a short overview of the update (these paragraphs) along with the significant features, enhancements, fixes and changes as links to their respective LPub3D GitHub tickets.

LPub3D 2.3.0 presents a few significant new features. Notably, “True” fade, multi-segment pointers, console commands with headless operations, and, my favourite, continuous page processing - simply click and have a brew while LPub3D does the repetitive work of cycling through your model file.
Significant user interface enhancements include “Dark Mode” for the Night Owls, rulers and guides, and additional 3DViewer panes presenting properties and time-line. In addition to the existing menu button, the property pane also offer x,y,z dialogues to enter your ROTSTEP matrix. Enjoy, Cheers.

Features, enhancements, fixes and changes

New feature - Continuous page processing #76
New feature - Go Dark - Dark mode theme #73
New feature - “Native” renderer based on 3DViewer (LeoCAD library) #71
New feature - "Native" POV file generation based on LDView library #77
New feature - Multi-segment page, divider and callout pointers #67
New feature - “True” previous step part fade #47
New feature - Current step silhouette part highlight #52
New feature - UI dialogue to set sub-model level color #69
New feature - Scene horizontal and vertical ruler and axis guides #68
New feature - Console commands #12
Enhancement - Default assembly orientation angles to Assembly Setup #72
Enhancement - Headless mode on Linux, macOS and Windows Platforms #56
Enhancement - Improved ROTSTEP entry from 3DViewer pane #78
Enhancement - Keyboard shortcuts for Edit commands #63
Enhancement - Respect relative and absolute paths for inserted images #61
Enhancement - Rotate Icon resize #66
Enhancement - Set renderer from project setup menu #70
Enhancement - Use an image for Rotate Icon #62
Change - Move LPub3D.ini file to application location for Windows portable distros #75
Change - Update 3DViewer to LeoCAD 18.2 commit 15d5e89
Fix - Go To page function broken #55
Fix - Insert text on a sub-model insertion page gets placed in the sub-model instead of the parent model #53
Fix - Mixed-page orientation incorrect #59
Issue - Abnormal program end on malformed CALLOUT #74
Issue - Automatically add assembled image of multi-occurrence sub-model to parent page #65, description
Issue - Landscape page orientation for .pdf export not working #58, cannot reproduce
Issue - LDView Multiple files single call rendering slow #54
Issue - LDView on macOS not loading - missing libraries #57
Issue - LPub3D renders very slow on Windows #60, duplicate